It’s REDempt1on Time!

Sneak Peak at one of the covers (only the title portion is showing, the rest is hidden to protect copy rights)

REDempt1on is a new comic book straight from the mind of our Original Red Power Ranger (Jason Lee Scott) and Hero, Austin St. John.

For those who may not know, Austin’s father served in the Marines. His connection to the service, however, does not end there. Some time after leaving our television screens and his Red suit behind, he went on to serve as a Fire Fighter and continued to help others as a Paramedic in the Middle East.

Today, you can find him meeting his fans at some Con, or actively helping others. With all on his plate, family included, he managed to put this intriguing comic together for us. Collaborating with Charter Comics and people like McLain McGuire, DJ Hall, Elisa Delgado, Alan Quah, and more, to bring us this INCREDIBLE first issue of REDempt1on.

The comic book comes in four different covers. I got to see three myself and had difficulties deciding which of those amazing covers to pick. I ended up getting two different ones. Regardless of choice, I think all the art work on the covers were exquisitely done. My compliments to the artist.

Continuing beyond the attention-getter that is the cover, I must say that I was slightly disappointed at the lack of color, at first. As I read the comic book, I began to understand the choice of color. That color set the proper tone for a story that begins its journey in the Middle East and has a dark tone to it. I was pleased to see a splash of color as I continued this great story. In the end, I changed my opinion about the color schemes and decided they knew exactly what they were doing. I would not change a thing with that. As far as the actual art work, graphics, or fonts…professional, clear, legible, and well thought up, if I say so myself. Just a small warning, though, if you are into the traditional “Comic Book Look” (Ben-Day Dots), you may find its absence a bit of a downer.

Moving on to the story. First, I want to discuss the vocabulary used in this comic. While, for some, it may be familiar and, perhaps, nostalgic speech, it may leave others confused and questioning the dialog. As a military Veteran, I understood the wording used quite well. If you are familiar with the type of speech, you will have no problem; otherwise, I encourage you to learn a little just before diving into this comic; though, it may not be necessary to know every word, I believe it adds to the story to know the lingo. There is an element of realism and authenticity that can be experienced if you have that extra knowledge.

As a person that detests spoilers, I do not wish to give out much info about the story itself. This much I will say: It is a story about surviving. I will not say what.

Personally, I felt it started a hint on the slow side. Nonetheless, once the action starts, you will not regret the wait. I found myself in wonder of its mysteries yet to unfold. When you are fully immersed in the story, you become excited and impatient, not just to turn the page, but for the next Issue. There were moments that I was at the edge of my seat and my heart was in suspense. This particular Issue left me gasping for air, jaw dropped, and jumping for joy with its last words. The final line, “To be continued…”, was probably the one thing that I hated and that, truly, enraged me. I do not want to wait for more.

I think this Issue is the start of a long and glorious Comic Book Series that will continue to amaze us, inspire us, and surprise us all. Meanwhile, it will leave us in the midst of our curiosity and imagination. Where will Austin take us next? I do not know where I will find the patience to wait for the next Issue. REDempt1on is a must read/must have, and not just for Power Ranger Fans, but for anyone looking to be taken on an awesome adventure down the creative mind of Austin St. John and the many others who have put their hard work and dedication to bring this masterpiece to life. Go ahead, get hooked! If you DaRE!


Just An Ordinary Word

Omelet Tostada

This is one of my creations in the kitchen. Mix eggs with seasonings and herbs of your choice. Cook 1/2 inch thick and round the size of a small skillet. Do not flip. Instead, cover with lid or foil to cook both sides. Instead of cooking your added ingredients into the egg, place fresh and uncooked ingredients over egg. Tomatoes, peppers, cheese, etc. If you would like melted cheese, place cheese over cooked omelet, as soon as the omelet is done, and let sit while covered for a while, before removing egg from skillet (stove/heat off). For meat toppings, cook meat separately from eggs and add with toppings. Top off with ketchup or hot sauce (optional). Enjoy!

I am not a person seeking fans. I do not write for others. I do not share for likes. This is not even about expression. When I take pictures or write something down, I do it for myself. I enjoy the time I spend creating. That time when boredom hides and emotions create. That time when thoughts turn into something more, and when burdens flee my side. This is my time. I cherish time. Time is the most valuable thing life has to offer, just as life is the most valuable thing this Universe offers. So, why bother to post at all? Why share my creations with anyone, when they were not meant to be seen, when created? Well, my deer audience, the answer is simple…

Once upon a time, I kept my creations all to myself. From poetry, to drawings, photography, and more. Projects made by hand and gifted to a select few, that is what started it all. People wanted me to share these things, that they found good. Although, aware of the term “good” being perspective, I thought to myself, “why not?”. Thus, little by little, I began to share. First, my photography. Then, my crafts. Now, my words. Perhaps, one day, I shall share more of my thoughts and creations, more of my ideas and inventions, and more of me. For now, I am but a single person, not seeking fame nor fortune.

I do not write for others; I do not share for likes. However, this does not mean I do not value my audience. I cherish time, yours as much as mine. You could have read something else. You could have stopped reading by now. Yet, you are still reading this verse. Thank you for staying. Thank you for your time. It is a blessing to have had your time and attention for this long. I hope I have not disappointed; I hope I do not disappoint. For your time, I offer this:

The wisdom of Heaven is love, the wisdom of Hell is happiness on Earth, and the wisdom of Earth is balance. For one to be wise, one must care to know more, learn from everything, and go through Heaven and Hell. The result is to be grounded on Earth, that is your peace and balance–that is your wisdom.