New Year, New Friend

From my home to yours…all the love and warmth of a Rebel…to all my neighbors.

‘Tis the time to reflect, upon years past. ‘Tis the time of greatest hope, for the year to come. Some will set goals, some will give up things, and others will do neither. But, here’s my wish for all of you…just have a great TODAY!

As we look at 2020, some will see it wasn’t the ideal year. Should you examine every day, you’ll find you have lived through an epidemic. That’s already a plus. To those that have lost loved ones this year, I offer my condolence. Though, I know from experience, nothing can truly make a loss better, I do know that it helps to focus on those that are still here…and to have someone to lean on, eases the pain, too.

Every year is different. They all have their pros and cons. Some teach us more than others. There’s always the best and worst in our book of life. However, even on the worst years, we forget that things can always get worse. Or, we don’t realize that things will get better. So, celebrate the end of this year, not as a good riddance, but as a caring goodbye to an old friend…that you may welcome a new friend (hopefully a better one than the last), 2021!

And if 2020 was good to you, may your new friend be just as kind, or even more so.

Wishing you the best life has to offer, today and always.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year

Half Dome

Every New Year, people allover the World set resolutions/goals for themselves.

It is a time that reminds one that time is passing. “New year, new…”, they say.

Time, however, passes us by every day…every minute…every second.

Suns rise and set, leaving behind only the memories of days past.

In time, we gain and we lose; we fall and get back up; and, if we are lucky, time keeps passing us by.

Whatever the old years have given or taken, no matter what the new years bring…

May you continue to live…

May you continue to fight.

Happy New Day!