Fear is What You Make of It

What makes the difference in one’s choice when that choice comes from fear?

How is it that some people are so afraid of something, that it stops them in their tracks; while others choose to fight, because fear makes them move?

Can the ultimate fear be of fear, itself, in such a way that it is also the best fear to have?

Fear is not a weakness in and of itself; but, rather, how one acts and reacts to what frightens them so.

If one can stand alone, rebel against the mass; if one could live with their fear along side, and still do what must be done, and still do what one wants; then, with that fear, they find its best companion.

Every time Fear comes your way, you may overlook its best friend. I urge you to see and believe, though it might not seem visible, this is no imaginary friend.

So next time you’re hanging with Fear, make friends with Courage. For Courage only plays with those whom fear.

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