It’s REDempt1on Time!

Sneak Peak at one of the covers (only the title portion is showing, the rest is hidden to protect copy rights)

REDempt1on is a new comic book straight from the mind of our Original Red Power Ranger (Jason Lee Scott) and Hero, Austin St. John.

For those who may not know, Austin’s father served in the Marines. His connection to the service, however, does not end there. Some time after leaving our television screens and his Red suit behind, he went on to serve as a Fire Fighter and continued to help others as a Paramedic in the Middle East.

Today, you can find him meeting his fans at some Con, or actively helping others. With all on his plate, family included, he managed to put this intriguing comic together for us. Collaborating with Charter Comics and people like McLain McGuire, DJ Hall, Elisa Delgado, Alan Quah, and more, to bring us this INCREDIBLE first issue of REDempt1on.

The comic book comes in four different covers. I got to see three myself and had difficulties deciding which of those amazing covers to pick. I ended up getting two different ones. Regardless of choice, I think all the art work on the covers were exquisitely done. My compliments to the artist.

Continuing beyond the attention-getter that is the cover, I must say that I was slightly disappointed at the lack of color, at first. As I read the comic book, I began to understand the choice of color. That color set the proper tone for a story that begins its journey in the Middle East and has a dark tone to it. I was pleased to see a splash of color as I continued this great story. In the end, I changed my opinion about the color schemes and decided they knew exactly what they were doing. I would not change a thing with that. As far as the actual art work, graphics, or fonts…professional, clear, legible, and well thought up, if I say so myself. Just a small warning, though, if you are into the traditional “Comic Book Look” (Ben-Day Dots), you may find its absence a bit of a downer.

Moving on to the story. First, I want to discuss the vocabulary used in this comic. While, for some, it may be familiar and, perhaps, nostalgic speech, it may leave others confused and questioning the dialog. As a military Veteran, I understood the wording used quite well. If you are familiar with the type of speech, you will have no problem; otherwise, I encourage you to learn a little just before diving into this comic; though, it may not be necessary to know every word, I believe it adds to the story to know the lingo. There is an element of realism and authenticity that can be experienced if you have that extra knowledge.

As a person that detests spoilers, I do not wish to give out much info about the story itself. This much I will say: It is a story about surviving. I will not say what.

Personally, I felt it started a hint on the slow side. Nonetheless, once the action starts, you will not regret the wait. I found myself in wonder of its mysteries yet to unfold. When you are fully immersed in the story, you become excited and impatient, not just to turn the page, but for the next Issue. There were moments that I was at the edge of my seat and my heart was in suspense. This particular Issue left me gasping for air, jaw dropped, and jumping for joy with its last words. The final line, “To be continued…”, was probably the one thing that I hated and that, truly, enraged me. I do not want to wait for more.

I think this Issue is the start of a long and glorious Comic Book Series that will continue to amaze us, inspire us, and surprise us all. Meanwhile, it will leave us in the midst of our curiosity and imagination. Where will Austin take us next? I do not know where I will find the patience to wait for the next Issue. REDempt1on is a must read/must have, and not just for Power Ranger Fans, but for anyone looking to be taken on an awesome adventure down the creative mind of Austin St. John and the many others who have put their hard work and dedication to bring this masterpiece to life. Go ahead, get hooked! If you DaRE!


The College Experience

You are more beautiful than a rose, but just as a flower blooms, so shall you.
(Written on my daughter’s first day of school)

My little one is off to college…or so it seems.

Making new friends and exploring new environments, not a single glance back as she runs off into her new world.

The thought that it’s just the first year settles my soul, but not for long.

I’m reminded of how fast the years pass and how quickly our children grow. My eldest, not far from an adult; when, just yesterday, he was 3…or so it seems.

Now she will learn to read and write, and she will grow her own mind. She will, as my others have, need me less each day. There will be times she may even pull away. Through it all, my heart she’ll have.

Friendships made and hardships fought, throughout her life. Hearts once fallen into delight, shall sometimes break. Through it all, I’ll be there.

For, no matter how old my children get, Mamí is the one person they can count on. Count on for support, encouragement, or any other help. Most of all, though, they can count on me to love them and accept them unconditionally and always.

Left alone…or so it seems…hugs and kisses, until you’re in my arms again.


Sitting in silence, under the moon

Much remains unsaid. Sometimes, I don’t know what to share. So much happens as we journey through this life. Most, I keep bottled up inside. There’s but a few I would dare share with, but they are nowhere to be found. There comes a point where I break. A junction of ill suppress, but all dead end. So, here I am. No choice, no victory. One last attempt. Failed miserably. No hope, no friend. Just me and my pen.

Darkness Calls

This is me, in the dark, while writing this poem. I hope everyone can see the light hidden underneath.

Here I am, again. I feel the pull towards thoughts devoid of pleasure or joy; not even, simply without unpleasantries.

The darkness falls. The light fades. Oh, sadness that be, let me free.

The thought, the thought, and the thought that follows. All thoughts lead to the dark and infinite hallows. I just want to rest.

The darkens falls. The light fades. Oh, sadness that be, let me free.

Strong as a call from the Wild. I feel it, I hear it. The call to an end. The call towards the dim. The call from the shadows.

The darkness falls. The light fades. Oh, sadness that be, let me free.

Think now, think. Plan and do. The darkness begs to be acknowledged. The darkness shall be ignored, no more.

The darkness calls. The light is gone. Oh, sadness that be, you may have me.

Darkness called, and I could not help but answer. That looks like a mighty good way to go. That is a mighty good place to rest.

The darkness called. The light is gone. Oh, sadness that be, you have me.

“That’s a Hell of an adventure, if it doesn’t kill you, or a peaceful way to die,” I think, “and, if you’re lucky, the journey there might show you the Sunrise….to last you to another call.”


-Rebel (NT)

I believe in the power of the mind. I believe in the magic of a soul. I believe in a world of dreams come true and happily ever afters.

The power of belief. The power of the will. The power of the mind. The power of the Universe. Power. Energy. Magic. This is what lets me know.

Will it, and it shall be. Travel to the destination of your imagination. This is what your mind creates. This is when your soul transforms. This is where your will takes you.

Somewhere out there, in a place unseen, is a valley of light. Somewhere out there, in a place we cannot hear, is an echo of laughter. Somewhere out there, just beyond our reach, are those who touch our hearts.

Let everyone know where I have traveled, and know this…those that are left behind, simply have yet to travel here. So, meet me in this land one day. Here, I shall be waiting. In this place, we shall unite again.


Dear loved one, who believed all this to be true…you have finally made the journey to this paradise. You lived so long in sadness, missing your soul mate. You fought for all your loved ones, and stayed strong until the very end. You were here for us all. Now, I am left with sadness, but also peace of mind. For, I know that you are happy by his side once more.

Yesterday would have been your birthday. Twelve days shy of ninety-nine, you left. But, this does not mark the end. So…Happy birthday, Grandma! Here’s to almost 99 years, and infinity!

You May Never Know

The Sun on a smoky day. Wildfires flooded the skies with ash and people couldn’t breath because of how bad the air conditions were. Yet, in the midst of it all, and the absence of clear skies, The Sun reminds us to look at the hidden beauty (the bright side).

You may never know. What you did to me. How it felt. The thought of it, brings tears to my heart. That once upon a time. The danger I faced. The darkness. The knight. Wished upon a star. How to express myself? This feeling I’ve kept inside for so long. Great full to have grown from it. In a time of need. Lucky you were there. You may never know what that meant to me, what you did for me…

But, I hope you will always know that I will, forever, be here for you.

Dedicated to the average Hero. To the ones who touch us and change our lives, but don’t even know it.

New Year, New Friend

From my home to yours…all the love and warmth of a Rebel…to all my neighbors.

‘Tis the time to reflect, upon years past. ‘Tis the time of greatest hope, for the year to come. Some will set goals, some will give up things, and others will do neither. But, here’s my wish for all of you…just have a great TODAY!

As we look at 2020, some will see it wasn’t the ideal year. Should you examine every day, you’ll find you have lived through an epidemic. That’s already a plus. To those that have lost loved ones this year, I offer my condolence. Though, I know from experience, nothing can truly make a loss better, I do know that it helps to focus on those that are still here…and to have someone to lean on, eases the pain, too.

Every year is different. They all have their pros and cons. Some teach us more than others. There’s always the best and worst in our book of life. However, even on the worst years, we forget that things can always get worse. Or, we don’t realize that things will get better. So, celebrate the end of this year, not as a good riddance, but as a caring goodbye to an old friend…that you may welcome a new friend (hopefully a better one than the last), 2021!

And if 2020 was good to you, may your new friend be just as kind, or even more so.

Wishing you the best life has to offer, today and always.

Happy New Year!

The Candy Cane Story As Told By A Rebel

The story is titled: Making Candy Canes

Just a disclaimer, this post is based on the Story of The Candy Cane and its meaning, which is Christian based. No offense intended. Whether you are a religious person or not, be it Christian or other, I hope that you can still appreciate the work. There is also a bonus surprise for anyone to enjoy at the end. This is based on stories you can find online, but I have told it in my own way, with some fresh ideas on how I could imagine the story going. Purely fictional but for entertainment purposes. If you know of a story you would like to challenge me with putting my own twist on, leave a comment. I’ll pick one and give it a shot. So, please enjoy, and may you always be blessed with health and love.


PS. I made this wreath with my own hands, using items purchased at a dollar store. Total cost was $5.

Making Candy Canes

‘Twas a long time ago, longer now than it seems. In a place that perhaps you have seen in your dreams. For the story you’re about to be told, began with the holiday worlds of old…

—Tim Burton’s, The Nightmare Before Christmas

              Once upon a time, long before X-mas took out Christ, there lived a Candy Maker who loved God very much. It just so happened that this candy maker was tasked with creating something incredibly special; a small but sweet, and inexpensive gift that anyone could present to their loved ones on Christmas morning. So, the Candy Maker came up with an idea, to create a candy that represented what Christmas was truly about…Christ. Thus, the Candy Cane was born. But, that is, exactly, what our story tells. This is where our story begins…

              Just 2 months before Christmas and all the town, looked to this man, his name now unknown, to make a special treat for everyone. This man was old and often tired so, but he had something special in his heart…God. After being tasked with making a treat for Christmas, he started, one night, by choosing the flavor and decided it should taste of hyssop. Little fact is that hyssop comes from the mint family and is remarkably similar to peppermint; thus, to mimic the flavor of hyssop, that is exactly what he used, peppermint. Why Hyssop? Hyssop was used for purification and sacrifice in the times of the Old Testament, which is what we strive for in life, that we may earn a place in heaven. The rest did not come easy. He just had to get everything right.

              Over the course of weeks, his idea grew. “It should be made of hard candy, because Christ is our rock,” he thought, “…and, it should be red and white, to represent God’s purity and sacrifice.” This made him think of the immense love God has for us, that he would send his only son to suffer and die for us, that we may be forgiven for our sins and find ourselves in the kingdom of heaven. That is when he came up with the idea to shape the candy into a J, which was perfect. Not only did the J represent Jesus by name, but if one turned it around, they would find the symbol of the Shepherd, the staff. This represents Christ as our Shepherd, leading us home and watching over us (that we do not wander and become lost). It also tells us that we are his sheep, and together, his flock (that we may follow Christ as we were meant to).

              As he began to draw up the design for this candy that would make history, he felt that representing the sacrifice of blood with red, just wasn’t enough. “Something is not right.” Thought the Candy Maker. “Only a few weeks ‘til Christmas and I haven’t made the perfect candy gift.” At that time, the man had but a candy cane draped in white, and dipped partially in red. Another week passed and he could not perfect his design. With only 2 weeks to Christmas, and still needing time to make hundreds of these treats, he decided he needed help. Before bed that night, he asked God for guidance. He prayed that his design would take shape as God willed it. God answered him in a dream.

Darkness. A white light, so bright and true, filled the surrounding space. From the distance, a baby comes into focus, a baby in a bed of straw, with a laughter that radiated peace and warmth. Suddenly, a violent wave of blood swirled around the baby and consumed him. When the blood cleared, only a man stood. A man with a thorn crown, nails through his hands and feet, and marks from lashes and thorns all over him. With tears in his face and dripping of red, he smiled and said, “Let these scars show you the way.”

              It was still dark when the Candy Maker awoke from this dream. Nevertheless, he began to draw a new design. One with swirls and stripes. Thick ones, to represent the blood that Jesus Christ shed on the cross for our sins (that we may be forgiven for ours). Thin ones, to represent the suffering he went through before being nailed to the cross. They were to look like lashes and lacerations, the scars left behind when Jesus was arrested and tortured. Now, the candy could remind us of all of the sacrifices God and his son made to ensure our souls could live an eternity in heaven (that we may always know the love God has for us).

              The next two weeks were spent working long and hard to make enough Candy Canes for everyone in town. The finishing touch, to wrap them in a clear wrapper, so that everyone could see the true reason for Christmas when a Candy Cane is presented. The rest is history, but it doesn’t end there. For, you see, every time a Candy Cane is shared, so is the meaning of Christmas, the story of Christ, and the love of God and Jesus. Is it a wonder that love takes two and when one brings two Candy Canes together, they form a heart? That’s, also, because when two people exchange Candy Canes, they are exchanging their love for each and sharing a piece of their heart.

And they shared happily ever after…with no end!

Additional treat: When Candy Canes are crossed, as in the picture above, it looks like two people leaned over hugging. So, if you can’t be with your loved ones this Quarantined Holiday Season, consider sending them a Candy Cane and tell them it represents love, a hug from afar, and a piece of your heart…because sweets are treats for everyone, and you don’t have to be religious to enjoy them. Thanks for reading to the end.

Just An Ordinary Word

Omelet Tostada

This is one of my creations in the kitchen. Mix eggs with seasonings and herbs of your choice. Cook 1/2 inch thick and round the size of a small skillet. Do not flip. Instead, cover with lid or foil to cook both sides. Instead of cooking your added ingredients into the egg, place fresh and uncooked ingredients over egg. Tomatoes, peppers, cheese, etc. If you would like melted cheese, place cheese over cooked omelet, as soon as the omelet is done, and let sit while covered for a while, before removing egg from skillet (stove/heat off). For meat toppings, cook meat separately from eggs and add with toppings. Top off with ketchup or hot sauce (optional). Enjoy!

I am not a person seeking fans. I do not write for others. I do not share for likes. This is not even about expression. When I take pictures or write something down, I do it for myself. I enjoy the time I spend creating. That time when boredom hides and emotions create. That time when thoughts turn into something more, and when burdens flee my side. This is my time. I cherish time. Time is the most valuable thing life has to offer, just as life is the most valuable thing this Universe offers. So, why bother to post at all? Why share my creations with anyone, when they were not meant to be seen, when created? Well, my deer audience, the answer is simple…

Once upon a time, I kept my creations all to myself. From poetry, to drawings, photography, and more. Projects made by hand and gifted to a select few, that is what started it all. People wanted me to share these things, that they found good. Although, aware of the term “good” being perspective, I thought to myself, “why not?”. Thus, little by little, I began to share. First, my photography. Then, my crafts. Now, my words. Perhaps, one day, I shall share more of my thoughts and creations, more of my ideas and inventions, and more of me. For now, I am but a single person, not seeking fame nor fortune.

I do not write for others; I do not share for likes. However, this does not mean I do not value my audience. I cherish time, yours as much as mine. You could have read something else. You could have stopped reading by now. Yet, you are still reading this verse. Thank you for staying. Thank you for your time. It is a blessing to have had your time and attention for this long. I hope I have not disappointed; I hope I do not disappoint. For your time, I offer this:

The wisdom of Heaven is love, the wisdom of Hell is happiness on Earth, and the wisdom of Earth is balance. For one to be wise, one must care to know more, learn from everything, and go through Heaven and Hell. The result is to be grounded on Earth, that is your peace and balance–that is your wisdom.

It Has Been A While

It has been a while since my last post. Things keep getting in my way and I haven’t fought hard enough. Right now, it is best that I get away from routine. You will not see me Wednesdays as you’re so used to, not always, anyways. Whenever I am able to sneak in a post, I promise to do so. You may see me missing for short or long whiles, but I haven’t abandoned you. I still have plenty to post and say. I still read blogs, I still take pictures, and I still write things. Hopefully, this makes it so you see me more, as you haven’t been lately.

I want to thank those of you who are still with me and I hope I can continue to provide whatever it is that keeps you with me. I do, however, wish to give you plenty to read, even in my absent periods…especially, in these times of “In Person” Social Distancing. Notice I say, “In Person”, with emphasis. That is because there are plenty of ways to stay social online.

These are my top 3 recommended Blogs…

The Travellothoner: Poems, book reviews, travel, and exercise are some of his most common subjects.

Eclipsed Words: Provides things such as poetry, inspirational material, helpful tips, advice, and positivity.

Flora Fiction: A great place for reviews, from music, to movies and series. Additionally, a go to for self help on mental health and psychology issues. Finally, she, too, posts poems.

LINKS: The Travellothoner Eclipsed Words Flora Fiction

Thank you,