The Achievement

Yosemite National Park
Atop Upper Yosemite Falls Trail

This summer, my family and I took a trip to this beautiful place. There, I had the opportunity to take many wonderful photos and hike some of the trails inside the park. That of which, the most challenging, was this one…and here is my true story:

The mountain was miles high. The person was broke. Broken back, injured knees, shoulder, neck, and arms. With all sorts of nerve damage, all left from the war. The challenge, to get to the top and back down.

The journey was agonizing. The path, steep and rough. So many slips and tears along the way. Midway up the mountain, she could barely take another step. Unwilling to give up, she pushed on.

Her legs collapsed dozens of times. Her arms gave out several times, too. Her mind couldn’t imagine finishing the hike. Her body didn’t feel like it could make it to the top, much less back down. However, her heart could not quit.

No one knows how, but she found herself atop of the World…finally.

She rested. She enjoyed the views and a rock seat next to a beautiful river fall. But, she couldn’t stay there forever. Thus, the journey wasn’t over. Even though the rest was an hour long, it was not sufficient. Time to return. The challenge continued. Down the mountain she went.

Still in pain and with all sorts of muscles failing, this is how she took the hike down.

One slip of a hand, here. One collapse of a leg, there. Arms and legs shook the entire way. She stumbled and slipped many more times. She even twisted her ankles just as much. Hitting a rock with her leg, or up against it with her body, was common.

But, she could not stay in the mountain throughout the night, so she forced herself to keep going, as she imagined herself stumbling down the rocky mountain, hitting trees along the way.

The journey was tough. The destination, amazing. Yet, she found herself in regret, as she realized that she was only half way down. When she had only a fourth of the way to go, she couldn’t believe just how far it still was.

With only a few thousand feet left, she wished to stop, for she couldn’t go on anymore. Then, she still would have to walk on level ground for a half of a mile to the car. In her mind, there was no way she could do it. No way would she, even, make it to the bottom.

A few steps more. This was the last bit. Every step was painful. But, she finally could see the bottom. Would she actually get off the mountain?

As she took her final step off the rocky path, she wondered if she would have to be carried to their parking spot. Point-Six miles, the sign read. That’s about how far the car was away, but not quite.

In victory, she sat. Oh, but it even hurt to sit. She never gave up. No one had to carry her or haul her in an Emergency Vehicle. Though, now, she cannot walk, or even stand, she can stand tall and proud of her achievement.

Who would have ever guessed that this little, broken woman could accomplish such a feat?

There must still be a Soldier in her!

Let no one ever claim she is weak, for she has shown her true strength.

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