Meppy Chrwanzkahlidays

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The following words may be found offensive and the subject is a sensitive one. If you wish to read on, you do so accepting that this is a ‘personal’ thought. It is not intended to attack or target anyone in a negative way. It is my personal believe that everyone has the right to theirs, and we shouldn’t disrespect one another just because we don’t share the same views.

This time of year, people tend to be disturbed or offended by others whom may wish you a ______.

This blank can be a “Merry Christmas”, a “Happy Hanukkah”, a “Happy Kwanzaa”, or “Happy Holidays”.

No matter your beliefs, religious or otherwise, it is important to analyze the meaning of these words.

People want others to take them into consideration, but often fail to do the same of others. If you try to force someone else to use a different phrase, or none at all, you are being selfish.

Instead, I present you with this:

The true meaning of these words is…”I wish you good things.”

If your opinion differs in any way (because that’s all a believe is, a strong opinion or view), you don’t have to say it back. A simple, “thank you” or “I wish you well, too”, will do.

This can be carried on through the year, too. Just because someone thinks or feels differently, it doesn’t mean we should get offended by it.

Unless the person means to offend, we must forgive others for hurting us unintentionally.

Lastly, when someone wishes you that “blank”, they are sharing with you something about themselves.

I believe the World would be a better place if we learned to be more accepting of others. Appreciate what people choose to share with you.

Best Wishes…ALWAYS!

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