You May Never Know

The Sun on a smoky day. Wildfires flooded the skies with ash and people couldn’t breath because of how bad the air conditions were. Yet, in the midst of it all, and the absence of clear skies, The Sun reminds us to look at the hidden beauty (the bright side).

You may never know. What you did to me. How it felt. The thought of it, brings tears to my heart. That once upon a time. The danger I faced. The darkness. The knight. Wished upon a star. How to express myself? This feeling I’ve kept inside for so long. Great full to have grown from it. In a time of need. Lucky you were there. You may never know what that meant to me, what you did for me…

But, I hope you will always know that I will, forever, be here for you.

Dedicated to the average Hero. To the ones who touch us and change our lives, but don’t even know it.

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